Fou Fou Ha! has tumbled into Austin, and we are ready to keep it weird! These Southern belles are ready to continue the antics and adventures with that special big hair showgirl flair which can only be found in the heart of Texas. The gurls have created a chorus line with the precision and finesse that could only be rivaled by of a Tower of Giraffes gunning for the Olympic winter games. Taking the essence of Fou and setting itself apart as the Showgirl Clowns of Texas, this cartoon ensemble is equal parts vintage Rockettes, Las Vegas showgirls, 1970’s Majorettes, old world Circus, your niece’s rhythmic gymnastics team, and one of those giant tubs of Redvines. This squad is just one year strong but has already booked international events such as the Bayou City Burlesque and Circus Arts Festival, the Austin International Drag Fest, and can be seen monthly in Austin at The F Show! Above all else these Rodeo Queens are here to remind you that the higher the hair, the closer to Clown.



Bobby Barnaby is a real handy dandy and has been delighting audiences for twenty-five years solid. Bobby’s love of the stage has earned him awards and nominations for his work in dance, choreography and acting alike. Past/Present company member of: SF Boylesque, the first all-male neo-burlesque revue in the US, the Bohemian Brethren, Red Hots Burlesque, The Devil-Ettes – Miniskirt Mob, the Tartlettes, the Phishnets, producer and host of Barnaby’s Babes and The F Show, and is a graduate of the Clown Conservatory at the San Francisco Circus Center, which is not only the most extensive Clown training program in America, but also the first and most prestigious Circus school in the country. Bobby has appeared in over 40 Burlesque Festivals across the world and holds the titles of King of Burlesque from both the Amsterdam and Texas Burlesque Festivals. A master tassel and Assel twirler, Bobby is known as the Shimmy Shocker!



The Grand Dam of Fou Fou Ha Austin, the leader, the boss, the hbic, and she is extremely overqualified to run this show full of rebel rousing, wacky, offbeat, yet beautiful (but not more beautiful than her) group of Clown Showgirls. Humility is her greatest characteristic, as long as you’re not taking into account her banging body, or the bone structure of her face, or her charm. Born in Paris, boarding school in Venice, finishing school in Las Vegas, and degrees from Harvard, Stanford, and NYU Tisch, all while holding down a runway modeling career that would only rival that of Gary Busey. Using her degrees to rise to the top ranks of Vegas’ infamous Jubilee, and the Radio City Rockettes, while simultaneously starring in the titular role of Chicago on Broadway, and a recurring role on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Her greatest love is picking flowers, and her only concern is what shoes to wear when the ice caps melt. She’s Lucky, you’re Lucky, we’re all Lucky, no you can not touch her hair, and no it was not her who farted.



A daughter of the revolution, dragged in by the cats to the Paris limelight, Blaissez Fou usually prefers rags to the riches of her fellow showgirls but she can’t help but boogie with the bourgeoisie with once the beat drops. Her hobbies include not knowing and not caring. The heart of an anarchist with the looks of an angel, she’s likely to commandeer your most prized possessions, and sure to steal your heart before making her escape.



The world’s first and most prominent clown supermodel, Beauty Fou has walked on countless runways from New York to Tokyo. Striking poses in hundreds of publications, busting moves in music videos, and even starring in her own feature-length “adult clown” film, you’ll see Beauty everywhere once you start looking. A concept clown, she lives to embody and expand our ideas of what… of who… of… why… Beauty truly is.



Resplendent, radiant and completely ridiculous. These are the words one would use to describe the silly yet sultry singing clown diva, Madame FouBary. Ever the avian aficionado, this colorful coloratura comedienne can be found tending to her beloved friend and hair-mate, the Locally Known Birb, who also joins her onstage. If you’re looking for an opera singing clown who can demolish high notes while being low brow, then look no further than Madame FouBary!



Grace Fou is eager. Eager to please, eager to make things happen, and eager to see Fou Fou Ha become a worldwide sensation! As a child, her parents sent her to the best cotillions and balls the South had to offer, there she became a dancing and entertainment phenomenon. Eager to share her talent with the world, she joined Cirque du Soleil to with her Terrifying Terrific Terriers. Grace Fou is the four-time Texas State Fair Fried Chicken Dinner Winner and Perfectly Peachy Pie Princess Pageant titles holder. Though she may fall from grace from time to time she always picks herself up with her southern charm and poise.



These bumbling brothers from otherworldly mothers are here to help if they could only stop arguing long enough to do something. The Ladies of Fou Fou Ha Austin are much too pretty to schlep bags and haul scenery! Cue the Boys, Stage door Johnnies, Clown hops, paramours, roadies, hired hands? Maybe if they had a proper title they would do a proper job! But they’re so darn cute we don’t care either way!