“Wildly Unique!” - NBC

“Fou Fou Ha! blends a Jim Henson sensibility with a Fosse-like precision.” - SF Weekly

“This show is not to be missed.” - 7x7 Magazine

“You could feel the connection of these players and their fine-tuned comedic talents.” - Metrowise Magazine

“Ranging from Toxic to Garish.” - The Chronicle

“Every time I see Fou Fou Ha! I learn something about performance and owning your character.” - Fan

“You guys bring such a high vibration that I’m thinking to myself: wherever these guys are is where I want to be!” - Event Producer


Described as having a “Fosse precision with a Jim Henson sensibility” (SF Weekly) Fou Fou Ha! has developed from a local award-winning performance ensemble into an internationally known brand, having recently been slated as “one of New York’s top things to see” (TIMEOUT New York). Each squad offers anywhere from weekly or monthly shows, touring stand-alone shows and an array of neo-Vaudeville and circus entertainers for hire with a unique and contagious clown flare like no other!

“Fou Fou Ha! promises an enjoyable experience for everyone, whether she’s a grandma from Missouri or veteran performer from San Francisco”  SF Examiner

Fou performance experiences offer a mash-up of upbeat dance numbers to infectious music, hilarious acts that involve sexuality and audience involvement and a colorful and whimsical “Psychedelic Vaudeville”  logic and aesthetic. Often, the audience gets to be participants in the show which allows for each one of YOU to join in on the madness. Our desire is to offer a joyous experience that gives permission to be silly, to dance, laugh and celebrate your humanity  within our unique cartoon reality! (We’re sorry and you’re welcome)

“No one can hold a clown nose to Fou Fou Ha’s gargantuan technicolor wigs, masterful choreography, and cavalcade of candy-striped tights, lingerie, and humongously high heels.”
SF Weekly Best of San Francisco