FouFouHa Portland is the second franchise of the FouFouHa! brand, celebrating the unique and adding to the city’s motto Keep Portland Weird. They are a crayon box of creativity, crafted characters of the rainbow. Portland’s crew consists of professional clowns, dancers, jugglers, drag queens, burlesque performers and more. Together the PDX Fous have roamed about parades and a variety of parties, performed choreography for cabaret shows and developed a full length theater production MetaFousical: The Last Self Help Guide You’ll Ever Need, performed twice so far at the infamous Dante’s in the heart of downtown Portland. FouFouHa Portland looks forward to the adventures to come as they become a staple of the performing arts community in the Pacific Northwest.



Courtney Cavagnero (sometimes know as Cava Electra or Electra Fou) is a trained dancer, choreographer, character performer and now director who set foot in Portland in October 2017. Prior to landing in the Fern Gully green, allergy attacking, craft beer heaven of the Pacific Northwest, Courtney was a primary dancer, choreographer and character performer for FouFouHa! in San Francisco. She has toured internationally with the company and performed in world renowned festivals, Insomniac Events and Burning Man being a few. Outside of FouFouHa, Courtney has danced for USC Events, competed in Hip Hop World Championships, performed burlesque for San Francisco’s Hubba Hubba Review, partner danced Lindy Hop on the USS Midway for a large scale corporate event, taught a handful of dance styles from preschool children to adults and more. She is excited to bring her background and eye for the arts to FouFouHa Portland and develop some truly magical material from the shadow self within.



Electra Fou is a professional and personal dominatrix. Her past love affairs have left a dark hole in her heart and uterus. Deep down, she longs for love but is pretty sure true romance does not exist. Currently, Electra finds pleasure from posting sensual photos, taking power away from men, practicing kegals, purchasing new toys for her dungeon and eating Cheetos.



MONA FOU! like a middle price range wine, she gets better with age.



FUSE FOU! who simply wants to burn this sh*t down! Mind your flammables…
and don’t forget your eyebrow shields.



ZADDY FOU is Tom of Finland’s illustration of Diva Plavalaguna and David Bowie’s long forgotten spawn CUM TO LIFE! Held ‘not of his own free will’ (comethru consensual nonconsent) in the dungeon-y depths of Berlin’s Berghain for the last quarter of a century, Zaddy has risen from the red lit musk of some stranger’s jockstrap to reveal to Portland his tricks, just the tip, and thots on how to grow a glitter mustache (patent pending).



Nincum Fou is a spoon, his brand is expired, melted, sugar-free ice cream, and you are a thirsty, thirsty wide-open mouth (eat it).
You’ll get your bite.



Is she pink or is she green?
Is she nice or is she mean?
Xtrã Fou says “More is more and less is a bore!” Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she proceeded to have it upgraded to platinum laced with diamonds. Born to and abandoned by a wealthy scandalous family, she was raised by an eclectic group of magpies, cats and gay daddies. You like having her around because she is shiny, happy and her middle name is Fün (don’t forget the umlaut). She is the best friend you never knew you wanted. She’ll steal your heart, your wallet and your drugs but don’t worry, she shares.



Dare’ Fou defies gravity and sores to the outer limits of your subconscious. A pure bread motorbike ballerina, he will knock your slippers off and leave you soaking in a cloud of delusion confusion. There is no telling what he will do next, addicted to the rush of adrenalin drops, unicorn puffs, and always looking to turn the next trick flip. Hailing from Portland but up to jump the glitter pit and put a spin in your ring.



Leaving you hazy about what color today tastes like, the only thing certain about your encounter with her will be the cosmically distinct flavor left from the night before: pure royalty. Check your shoes at the door and be sure to collect a pair of castle-provided complimentary kneepads, for Queen Fou allows you to worship any way you like, as long as you’re down on your knees.  Afterall, how does one truly prepare for an encounter with an invisible wavelength?