New York City


The first of the franchised Fou Fou Ha! squads, Fou York brought a much needed pop art charm to the big apple three years ago. Their rare blend of absurdist shenanigans and practiced choreography has graced the stage at such legendary NYC venues as the House of Yes, Highline Ballroom, Sony Hall (formerly Diamond Horseshoe), The McKittrick Hotel, and The Coney Island Sideshow. They are resident performers at Susanne Bartsch’s Bartschland Follies and have been lucky enough to also take their show on the road; traveling to Miami for Art Basel, New Orleans to perform at the illustrious One Eyed Jacks, and to a series of shows in London during Spring/Summer 2019. They can also be found roving the grounds of many of the East Coast music festivals, including Mysteryland and Elements (PA and NY).


Allegra Meshuggah is a self described neo-clown-costumed-cabaret-drag-comedy-artist who has been working as the East Coast Lead and Creative Director of Fou York (Fou Fou Ha NYC) since its inception, for the last three years. A seven year veteran of Fou Fou Ha! she strives to retain the vision of the original troupe while adding her own extreme pop art spin to it. A lifelong performer, she has a background in dance, theater, and music and has been delighted to step into directing to bring Fou York forward to national and international acclaim. When not clowning, she works as costume director and is a resident performer at the House of Yes, and works across the city in various nightlife venues as an ambient performer.



Elegantly charming and always poised and put together… is everything Schnitzel Fou is not. A hot mess of awkward ass grabbing and tripping over her own feet, she genuinely does try to hold it together, until her big mouth gets her into trouble again. A little hood, a little goofy, and a whole mess of sass, watch out for Schnitzel cause she will shank a bitch (or at least try to until you offer her a drink).



A former aspiring-wanna-be cabaret star, Spicy Fou strives to eternally live in the limelight of the stage, with the help of her best friend Tequila. She literally stumbled into the Fous one day while doing a pas de buree kick ball change into Mamafou who instantly swept her away to finally live her eternal “life of glamour”. Haute couture creature by heart, she never ceases to titillate, tantalize and twist those around her inebriated brilliance!


Booyah Fou - Brynne Levy

Athletic, virile, & oozes machismo. He enjoys playing any sport that involves BALLS.  His FAVORITE is wrestling. Holding his opponents down, their thighs wrapped around his waist, he thrusts them down over & over, pinning them to the mat in a sweaty breathless embrace… … … … … What are we talking about again? Oh yeah, Booyah was named MVP all 6 of his years in high school. He wouldve played college sports but long division fucked up his GPA & heel spurs ruined his military hopes. Booyah’s heroes are: Tom Cruise & Jesus Christ!



Sally Fou is always on time to the meeting. Sally is the CEO of her own textile company, that produces only white fabric and paper , she loves all things proper and office related. She’ll make you feel like you are the life of the party, because she’s so focused on conducting a meeting. BUT like a good Businesswoman, when the clock strikes 5pm watch out when she gets ‘White Clown Wasted” and then somehow gets stuck in Bushwick with Fou York and can’t escape back to her work week in Manhattan!



Oh, Toe! Once just a simple forest Fou, while out singing to pumpkinpigs he stumbled upon the Big Apple City itself, Fou York. He Gasped out loud in awe at its metal trees and accidentally inhaled and ate Kate Moss, birthing a new fou hybrid – Toe Moss Fou. 100% forest. 100% photo shoot. 100% unsure of what’s happening always. Find him stomping about Brooklyn looking for his lighting and or lilacs.



Schmaltzy Fou is a beer, he is a queer, he is one of New York City’s most offensive tourist attractions. A monument to fierce filth and equal parts pop art and pop tart, Schmaltzy is a traveling showman who crossed paths with the Fou and found his true family. He is crazed medicine man of the true snake oil sort, a till dawn do us part sorta lover, and the loudest bitch on the block. He is an absolute gem, a fake cheap one that you found in the trash, but a gem nonetheless!!!



While barricaded in her LA pageant green room singing ‘I Dreamed A Dream’, Fifi suffered a psychotic break. Due to ‘dehydration and fluorescent lighting’, she smashed herself into a particularly unflattering mirror which released excessive levels of Bitchytoxin into her bloodstream. Scarred and shook, Fifi fled in search of other bloodied child stars with trust issues. She stumbled into Schnitzel and Schmaltzy, who licked her tears, patched her sores with glitter glue, and just like that she was adopted into the Fou York gang! Fifi and her six taxidermy cats now live a quaint life of stardom in the nightclub cages of Brooklyn.


Lou Fou is somewhere on the spectrum of sickeningly sweet and subversively agrosexual. They fall in love almost every minute of every day with new consenting peoples, places and things and consider themselves a exhibitionistic polyamourobjectumist. They have been in a steady open relationship with their acrodance partner, Tuna Casserole for nearly 2 years.

New York City