San Francisco


San Francisco is the original home of Fou Fou Ha!  More info

Proud to be amongst the ranks of the standing San Francisco performance ensembles for almost 2 decades and having received a 2018 “Best of the Bay” award, FFH continues to collaborate with the San Francisco drag, circus, clown, burlesque, dance, entertainment, neo-Vaudeville and interactive arts communities (at times, all the way out in the desert, other times sipping champagne at a vineyard). Perhaps the most “Rococo meets the Cockettes” squad of the bunch, SF Fous can be found all over the nation causing merriment and garrish confusion. We mean transformation. The good kind…mostly.



Born in Israel to a cellist mother with a love of couture and a revolutionary poet father slash Oscar Wilde look-alike,  Maya studied traditional ballet and theater growing up in San Diego from age 7, workshopped with Batsheva Dance Company in Israel as a teen, and received her BA in Dance from UC Irvine. In 1999, Maya  was  awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to study dance theater in Holland  followed by an inspired return to San Francisco in 2001 when she was introduced to the unique psychedelic performance and interactive art world of the bay area, including the Burning Man culture and circus communities. These international influences birthed this mash-up of a dance company that not many can truly describe. That makes us art, right?   More Info


Mamafou, Queen Bee of the Fou Factory, enjoys bossing her Foulings around in gibberish while dancing to Euro trash disco songs and analyzing their maternal existential crises as their brains begin to sizzle. She enjoys butt punching and cheap Bourbon and has yet to find an object or entity that does NOT turn her on…


The Ice Queen’s bipolar tendencies started when she stepped into her reign of the South and North Poles with their various denizens in 1580 AD. While her citizenry and domain are vast, her coffers are secretly bare. She leads with the illusion of wealth and the reality of dire consequences, torture and the taking away of your favorite stuffed animal to inspire fear and domination. She might smile but a kiss can become a poisoned habanero flavored bite. Flattery will get you somewhere, but sycophants will have no mercy.


The eternal 15-year-old; Punt Fou is a beautiful train-wreck, a petite punk-rock phenomenon, and a scrappy chihuahua meets cheap trailer park drag queen. Her attempts at being a glamorous sexy diva usually lead to her falling apart into a goofy, awkward mess. She demands attention and encouragement from everyone around her, because, let’s face it, even the most bizarre and special Fou’s need people rooting for them.



Fou Real is all things Love…and when we say love we mean a SHABLAAM! type of love, okaaay? His creativity flows, his heart is peaceful, and when this feline creature moves, everyone stands in awe at his magnificence. Powerful, passionate and proud. This talent is Fou Real.. 



Fluffer Fou is one of the oldest of all the Fous, next to Mama and the beginning of time itself. Fluffer appears to not age at all though, in fact just gets more youthful and pretty by the day, says it’s “clown magic” but many are skeptical. Los Angeles based and is a perfect addition to any event or party, especially really fancy ones.


Lil’ Bump Fou: Victorian Gangster Clown Couture Bass Champion. The Floss Fosse French Prince of the Royal Family Fou. Reign of The Golden Age of Grotesque.


L. Ron Hustler aka Humpree Fou, the most dangerous crayon in the box and master of microphone jousting tournaments. Host, provocateur, game show anarchist and the randiest rouser of the rabble, he was born next to a lions cage the very night his father’s circus burnt to the ground. Recruited from the streets where he was chained to an alligator and forced to fight children for candy, now he’s quickly risen to become a cult leader of non-conformists. Known for being the loudest mime in the group, he views his makeup as war paint, likes long bike rides through bloody riots, and enjoys sex with, in, on, and around straightjackets.


Poppers Fou Headshot

Poppers Fou is a long lost message from the great beyond. Smelling of leather polish and tape head cleaner, you might find Poppers Fou bouncing around under the pulsating lights of a nightclub, or trolloping about with the harlots of Barbary Coast. Danseur, provocateur, mystic, and quixotic… she’s definitely what you’d want to drag out of your closet.



Equal parts Sylphie, Siren, and Southern Scorpiuhn, Fou Puh isn’t afraid to let it all hang out. Her unabashed list of Fou Pauxs includes ample camel toe, euphemistic slipping of the lips, occasional pastie pops, fuzzy navel consumption and intermittent shirt-cunting. It’s been told that the magnetic pull of her pelvic undulations will hypnotize even the most morally chaste but be forewarned! Her lingering coquette’s gaze aims only to ensnare! Fou Puh’s wily ways will turn you into slack jawed, wide eyed, easy slaughter fodder for her and her fabulous Fou family. Fret not though mortals, her feast on your ego will only leave you aching to be devoured again.



Sunshine Fou (Sunny for short) absolutely adores you and wants to be your friend. She’s just a little shy around people with noses… or ears… or legs….



Fou West: Life coach and fitness instructor. She popped out of a TV set and has been adjusting ever since. She enjoys glitter, flattery, babies, attention, coffee at midnight, and compliments. She’s perfect!



The least dainty of all the Fou’s. Tommy Fou was raised by carneys in the back woods somewhere. A comical hard ass that will smack you in the face with his jokes and have you asking for more!


Soulmeister Fou: Born in the year 6 ce, he’s 2010 years old. He studied at the Mystery School of Akhenaten where he earned a Mastery of True Perception at the College of Optometrics of the Left Eye of Horus. He’s an Enlightened Egyptologist and is Resident Rastafarian-Scholar of the Order of Melchizedek. He attributes his longevity to the Circular Breathing Techniques and Merkaba Activation Meditation he learned from Thoth Hermes Trismegistus.


Born out of a dumpster in the basement of a Burger King, LaQueefa Fou slithers her way into our hearts with all things burgers, butts, garbage and queefing. Known for the most voluptuous back-butt and most talented front-butt, LaQueefa is sure to BLOW you away!



Fou Fou L’Amour: Clown queen and diva of decadence, this perfumed paramour will mesmerize you with her sweetness or bullwhip away your bravado! Worshipped and deified on her own planet as the living incarnation of pure bliss and lusciousness, she fell to our planet to dominate the joyless with her interstellar love-beams that can melt coal down to rhinestones. This untamed orgy inciter is known to walk runways all over the galaxy in flame-throwing high heels and sequins so savage they could blind the sun. She can be found in her boudoir penning love poems to herself in spider silk and turning napalm into nectar.


Lady Fou, from the depths of the sea arose in a siren of song, here to seduce all into her version of fun. A temptress of sorts in favor of WE. A benevolent mistress of diabolical tease. Always complimentary and polite, but never one to hold back her bite. You know you can’t please everyone, so it’s best to just please Lady Fou.



Fou-Q comin’ at chu full of vim and vinegar, sashaying on stilts, playing with his “juggling” balls. This Fou has a background in shenanigans, and is classically trained in leg pulling and busting a nut, wait, I mean gut.


The Fou’s very own 6 foot burlesque superstar, Pangaëa Fou started out as a baby giraffe with a recurring nightmare, being chased by the running of the bulls. After years of retail therapy combined with a passion for halfheartedly pursuing the best parties on the planet, she’s been able to channel this dream into world domination. Pangaëa reveals and proves what we’ve all suspected: forgiveness is divine but never pay full price for a late pizza.


This Colombian Fou brings all the moves to the dance floor. One of her superpowers is making her tits move to any beat, making  the audience go wild. Yes, “her tits don’t lie.” Except for on Tuesday afternoons when they are makin up some crazy shit, okuuuuuur??!

San Francisco