FFH is an ensemble of animated character performers who thrill audiences with over the top shows filled with Circus antics, jaw-dropping dance numbers to high-energy music and audience interactive playfulness. The Fous are a family of enticing, colorful, sexy performers, each owning a unique character that celebrates individuality and unabashed human expression.

Loved by many wherever they go, FFH inspires audiences to celebrate, dance, let out their inner Fool and be comfortable with their shadow. Divine trixters, sexy activators, captivating performers, out of the ordinary show. This is theater at it’s best, and the Fous make sure you have a good time watching and engaging with us.

  • “Wildly Unique!”
  • “Fou Fou Ha! blends a Jim Henson sensibility with a Fosse-like precision.”
  • “This show is not to be missed.”
  • “You could feel the connection of these players and their fine-tuned comedic talents.”
  • “Ranging from Toxic to Garish.”
  • “Every time I see Fou Fou Ha! I learn something about performance and owning your character.”
  • “You guys bring such a high vibration that I’m thinking to myself: wherever these guys are is where I want to be!”